About Me

I am Brazilian by birth and since I was a child I’ve been interested in everything that involves artistic expression, such as sculpture, drawing, art, fashion, and dance. My happiness as a child was a box of coloring pencils and a package of paper. I would spend hours drawing. Growing up I was always involved in artistic endeavors, from helping my older sisters design and make costumes and sets for plays at their school, to helping my parents choose paint for their annual painting of our house.

But it wasn’t until I was married that I realized how much I love to be involved with art – interior decor more specifically. I would spend hours figuring out how to decorate my house. I noticed how much I enjoyed decorating my son’s nursery. People would compliment me on my decorating skills. So, in 2005, I decided to go back to school to study interior design. But before I could even apply for an Interior Design degree program, I had to unexpectedly move to Canada.

And it was here, in Canada, that my passion for interior design and decor grew deeper. In my first year living here, I was able to do some volunteering work for an established interior designer in Calgary, AB. Whenever I could, I would help this designer stage show homes. It was amazing. I just loved helping her.

I decided then to enroll in a decorating course. When I finished this course, I started my own decorating business and did a few consultation jobs. I was also finally able to take few residential decorating courses at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Some of my professors were encouraging me to enroll in the Interior Design degree program there. However, I had to move again and I was never able to apply for their program .

I opened a new decorating business in Prince Albert, SK, my new home city at the time. I also started to take a Feng Shui Interior Design course to learn a different approach to decor and design. After two years, my family and I moved to Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, I was finally able to get more into the decor and design field. I worked as a kitchen designer at first and then opened my own business and did some consultation jobs. I was invited to participate in some magazine articles and do some public talks about decor and Feng Shui. Then, I worked for AyA Kitchen and Bath Design Studio as a senior kitchen designer and showroom manager. I enjoyed and thrived at my work